Practical Web Scraping for Data Science

Source Code

The final chapter in the book contains fifteen larger, "real-life" examples of web scrapers, showing you how the concepts seen throughout the book “fall together” and interact, as well as to hint towards some interesting data science oriented use cases using web scraped data.

The following examples are included and explained in the book:

  1. Scraping Hacker News
  2. Using the Hacker News API
  3. Quotes to Scrape
  4. Books to Scrape
  5. Scraping GitHub Stars
  6. Scraping Mortgage Rates
  7. Scraping and Visualizing IMDB Ratings
  8. Scraping IATA Airline Information
  9. Scraping and Analyzing Web Forum Interactions
  10. Collecting and Clustering a Fashion Data Set
  11. Sentiment Analysis of Scraped Amazon Reviews
  12. Scraping and Analyzing News Articles
  13. Scraping and Analyzing a Wikipedia Graph
  14. Scraping and Visualizing a Board Members Graph
  15. Breaking CAPTCHA's Using Deep Learning

The source code for the fifteen real-life examples included in the book can be found at this GitHub repository.